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President Vladimir Putin awards the head of SSMU gynecological clinic


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decree to award the head of the gynecological clinic of Siberian State Medical University, associate professor of the division of Obstetrics and Gynecology Vladimir Tkachev the honorary title "Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation" for his great contribution to the development of healthcare and long-term conscientious work. 

Vladimir Tkachev, Doc.of Med.Science, is a top-level obstetrician-gynecologist. He specializes in highly complex surgeries on the pelvic organs, pelvic retroperitoneal space as well as on adjacent organs, having 20 years of experience in this field. During his work Vladimir Tkachev has performed over three thousand surgical operations with the use of minimally invasive endoscopic technologies. The level of endoscopic surgeries carried out in the gynecological clinic of SSMU has now reached the advanced international level.

 "Vladimir Tkachev is one of the best surgeon gynecologists in the country with his fame extending far beyond Siberia. Mastering the unique methods of surgical treatment, Vladimir Nikolaevich together with his team seek to develop and improve the high level of professionalism in our university clinics", - said the rector of Siberian State Medical University Olga Kobyakova. 

Vladimir Tkachev’s primary focus in surgical treatment is organ-sparing surgery. This allows women to retain the ability to have children in the future. Due to the high surgical qualification and years of practical experience, Vladimir Tkachev performs unique surgeries of abdominal, vaginal, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic surgical approach, as well as the combined surgery in patients with big female reproductive system tumors, and the extremely risky surgery in case of severe adhesions, including patients with postoperative adhesions after multiple previous surgeries.

Vladimir Tkachev is a member of the National Association of gynecologists-endoscopists of Russia. Graduated from the department of General medicine of SSMU.